Ashley’s List of Things She Wants to Do Before She Turns 40 (Dec 20, 2024)


  1. Visit every state.
  2. Take a wine tour through wine country.
  3. Have a child.
  4. Do a DNA test to learn about our ancestry.
  5. Get my dad to help write our family travel memoirs.
  6. Set up an IRA.
  7. 40 consecutive days of yoga.
  8. 40+ books every year.
  9. Be able to do 40 push-ups in a row.
  10. 40 consecutive days of flossing!
  11. Not drink for 40 consecutive days (being pregnant doesn’t count).
  12. Buy and drink a bottle of wine that costs more than $40.
  13. See Hamilton live.
  14. Go to Iceland.
  15. Go to Italy with my mom.
  16. Give a talk to more than 100 people.
  17. Prepare Thanksgiving dinner for my parents.
  18. Go to a drive in movie.
  19. Get a tattoo.
  20. Visit a psychic.
  21. Donate blood.
  22. Volunteer on at least a yearly basis.
  23. Sponsor a kid or host a foreign exchange student.
  24. Get boudoir photos taken.
  25. Host a murder mystery party.
  26. Take my husband to Disney.
  27. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
  28. Visit Japan.
  29. Go to a nude beach.
  30. Meet an elephant in a non-zoo environment.
  31. Visit the bioluminescent bay in PR.
  32. Run an AirBNB.
  33. Go somewhere without cell reception and disconnect for at least 72+ hours.
  34. Drive to the Grand Canyon.
  35. Take the cats on a road trip.
  36. Be able to run a mile without dying.
  37. Learn enough Spanish to get by in Spanish-speaking countries.
  38. Learn to control my anxiety.
  39. Drive on the other side of the road.
  40. Have more than $10k in savings.
Justin’s List of Things She Wants to Do Before She Turns 40 (Jan 27, 2021)